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Alexander Neundorf neundorf at
Fri Jan 21 21:10:08 GMT 2005

On Friday 21 January 2005 12:21, Hans Meine wrote:

> con: the settings menu is already quite large, and for example my dad does
> not open "configure konqueror" right away (in << 10 seconds) when looking
> for e.g. the java settings.
> pro: nevertheless, I am sure the overall accessibility of these settings is
> increased - currently, quite some people might not even guess that there
> *are* audiocd:/ options anywhere
> > But I still don't think that
> > putting ioslave configuration in konqueror is a good idea.
> I like your suggestion. ;-)

I like it too.
I had exactly this problem two weeks ago: where to adjust the bitrate for the 
audiocd ioslave.
I entered audiocd:/ and had a look at the settings menu. It wasn't there. 
After some thinking I opened the control center and looked in components. No 
there. Then I finally thought it could be in sound&multimedia and there it 
was :-)
Conclusion: it would have been much easier for me if it would be located in 
the settings menu.

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