continued: Common-VFS proposal

Nicholas Allen nick.allen at
Thu Jan 20 12:05:00 GMT 2005

I cannot believe the rude response you received in regard to this. I can only 
hope you do not pay any attention to this response.

I think the document you wrote was very well done actually and I admire your 
desire to improve something that definately needs improvement. 

I think GNOME-VFS should have been originally written as a desktop independant 
VFS layer. Both GVFS and KIO made the serious mistake of tying them to the 
desktop technologies. This is just plain silly. I hope that one day there 
will be a common VFS layer as you described. 

Please don't be dishaeartened by that idiotic response you received. The 
important thing is that you are working on something you see as valuable and 
your document seemed pretty comprehensive to me. If there are mistakes then I 
would have expected a polite and encouraging response indicating what was 
wrong. That response was quite simply rude.

I'm sorry I can't offer much help here as I am new to GVFS also. I wish you 
luck in your project and please don't feel too disheartened.

Nicholas Allen

> Hi!
> I have written a little docbook article:
> looking forward to your feedback...

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