continued: Common-VFS proposal

nf2 nf2 at
Thu Jan 20 02:07:55 GMT 2005

Zack Rusin wrote:

>On Tuesday 18 January 2005 21:25, nf2 wrote:
>>I have written a little docbook article:
>>looking forward to your feedback...
>It's not that I don't appreciate a good joke from time to time, but you 
>either need to seriously reconsider the daily dosage of whatever you're 
>taking or wait with those emails until April 1st.
Sorry for beeing impatient. ;-)

>On a more serious, I'm very glad someone is thinking about implementing 
>a common vfs layer but I hate to be the one to tell you that right now 
>it's not going to be you. Don't take it personally, but you don't seem 
>to have a clue about what you're talking about. And I'm sorry but your 
>dockbook document is just embarrassing. It probably stems from your 
>lack of understanding of both vfs subsystems or just ignorance of how 
>integration between desktops works.
Then please help me to improve my document. I'm just a curiuos KDE/Gnome 
"user". I have written this document mainly to express my concern that 
freedesktop developers underestimate the importance of common 
(Commercial desktops seem to provide lot's of that stuff which gives 
them a big advantage regarding consistency and usability)

>"Corba for IPC (DBUS can't be used here, because this requires 
>heavy-weight IPC)" is something I'm considering putting in my list of 
Does that mean that CORBA in Gnome-VFS or the "homegrown" KIO slave 
protocol could be easily replaced with DBUS?

>But again, I very much appreciate your effort but as of now you just 
>don't have enough knowledge to implement it. You are of course more 
>than welcome to try and experiment but as it stands you could never 
>realistically expect that we would even consider using it. 
Don't worry. I'm a bit fed up with this free desktop stuff anyway.

>The most 
>realistic thing you can hope for is that people who either were or are 
>actually involved in creating VFS layers and desktop environments get 
>together on one of the conferences and nail this out. It's not going to 
>happen anytime soon though.
Those people seem to be very secretive what concerns possible solutions 
to the problem.

Thanks for your encouraging response!


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