Fix for printouts without margins

Uwe Thiem uwix at
Wed Jan 19 19:34:37 GMT 2005

On Wednesday 19 January 2005 15:30, David Faure wrote:

> Most applications (I tested kate, kedit, khtml, I'm sure there are more)
> don't show you a page layout on screen (like koffice apps do).
> So yes they need pre-defined margins, which is exactly what kdeprint
> would provide now (with my patch), instead of stupidly printing up to the
> edge of the paper by default just because the printer can.
> I wonder why you seem so opposed to my suggested change when it
> would in fact improve the user experience with printing from many kde
> apps - let's take kedit as an example, since it shows the exact same
> problem and doesn't have khtml's fontsize issue which for you overrides any
> other possible issue.

I agree 100%. As long as I can go back to the minimal physical margins if need 
be, I prefer reasonable defaults - and so would my customers.


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