Fix for printouts without margins

Kurt Pfeifle k1pfeifle at
Wed Jan 19 16:45:02 GMT 2005

On Wednesday 19 January 2005 15:26, David Faure wrote:

> > One further step would be to add minimum 
> > values to MarginWidget and not let the user specify smaller
> > margins. Conceptually, this means:
> > 
> > 	m_margin->setDefaultMargins(QMAX(Qt,driver));
> > 	m_margin->setMinimumMargins(driver);
> I could do that if you want, but then the user can't override the PPD "strict 
> minimum" margins, in case, well, the PPD would be wrong.
> For a MSOffice analogy, when it tells you "warning, this will be outside the 
> printable area" you have (IIRC) the option of saying "yeah I know, shut up" 
> or "ok, revert". Whereas with a minimum value set in a spinbox there is no 
> way to override what the computer thinks is best for you...

In fact, I have occasions where I use the "Give me a zero margin
printout!" setting from kprinter. It is not going to the printer
directly -- I have a special CUPS backend that "prints to file"
(or rather "prints to directory"). I need the printer's PPD for
other settings in the resulting PostScript file (partially for
troubleshooting the file by looking at it in an editor, partially 
adding the same watermarks as some PPDs offer).

So for *me*, the ideal concept would be a control that lets me
override the minimum PPD margins.

Why not add a checkbox/toggle switch to the current layout, 
which says:

  [x] Limit margins to printer driver minimum

This could be enabled by default and doesnt allow the margin
values to be changed below the PPD minimal values. Un-checking
it would give the range from 0 onward.

Sorry for talking in terms of layout, not code to you.  ;-)


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