Translation of \\foo\bar links into smb://foo/bar links

Luciano Montanaro mikelima at
Tue Jan 18 11:39:05 GMT 2005

El Martes 18 Enero 2005 11:21, Thiago Macieira escribió:
> David Faure wrote:
> >But only in Konqueror, not in mails or in the file dialog, right?
> >I think that's the point of the initial mail.
> It makes sense for kfile too, but not in emails. KMail currently doesn't
> highlight \\server\share entries in emails. If it did, it could just as
> well construct a smb:// URL. Emails in HTML should contain file://, which
> will be converted when clicked.
> My point is: I don't think KURL is the right place for that. Those things
> aren't URLs and aren't filenames either. Next, we'll want to
> convert //server/share/ to smb:// as well, whereas that's a completely
> valid path.

Does the 'smb://' url work for you? If I try typing that in Konqueror 
location bar, I get a listing of '/', while if I type 'smb:/' I get a list 
of the shared directories of my local lan. Maybe someone substitution is 
messing things up.


Luciano Montanaro 

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