Translation of \\foo\bar links into smb://foo/bar links

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at
Tue Jan 18 10:21:55 GMT 2005

David Faure wrote:
>But only in Konqueror, not in mails or in the file dialog, right?
>I think that's the point of the initial mail.

It makes sense for kfile too, but not in emails. KMail currently doesn't 
highlight \\server\share entries in emails. If it did, it could just as 
well construct a smb:// URL. Emails in HTML should contain file://, which 
will be converted when clicked.

My point is: I don't think KURL is the right place for that. Those things 
aren't URLs and aren't filenames either. Next, we'll want to 
convert //server/share/ to smb:// as well, whereas that's a completely 
valid path.

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