Translation of \\foo\bar links into smb://foo/bar links

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at
Tue Jan 18 00:19:39 GMT 2005

Jason Keirstead wrote:
>Where would I look for the code that handles default consatruction of
> URLs in kurl.cpp?
>Namely, I am looking for the code that would turn a URL like this:
> \\Server\Share

That's not a URL.

> file://Server\Share

That's a valid URL to / on server "Server\Share", using protocol file. It 
is not what you want.

>I know that it doesn't know what it is so it is defaulting to file, but
> I hoped I could change the default for URLs that start with \\ to be
> smb://. This would make KDE much more compatible in a Windows-centric
> office, where people often send emails with links to SMB shares in
> them.

file://hostname/ is redirected to another protocol, defaulting to smb. So 
automatically file://servername/sharename goes to 

That happens at kioslave level, not KURL.

>I tried finding the right code, and ended up with the patch below, but
> it does not seem to suffice. I think I need to do something else in the
> paseURL function, but I really got lost in there. Any pointers?

I don't like it.

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