Enhancing the colour schemes [was: Re: sane defaults (security icons)]

Anders Lund anders at alweb.dk
Mon Jan 17 13:00:42 GMT 2005

On Monday 17 January 2005 13:38, Olaf Schmidt wrote:
> KDE already has too many hardcoded colours: Almost all key KDE
> applications (Kontact, Kate, Konversation, KSirc, kdm, the kicker clock,
> now even Konqueror) use their own colours by default, and most don't even
> have an option to use the KDE system colours instead. Please let us not
> make this problem greater with every version of KDE, when we should
> instead be removing hardcoded colours from KDE.

Sometimes the system colors just doesn't do. I recently added a feature to 
kate which shades the background of used documents in the Document List, so 
that it is easy to spot the most recent modified/viewed documents. I can't 
use system colors, because there is no colors that can safely fill the needs. 
So I chose to set defaults that work with the default color scheme used by 
KDE, and make the colors configurable (as well as the feature can be turned 
off completely).

Likewise, the colors used for syntax highlight in kate can't use system 
colors, since there are simply not colors enough. So we provide a default 
color scheme that works, and all the colors are configurable. We have support 
for color schemes, and disabling of using colors for syntax highlighting will 
be added, as well as a mechanism to import color schemes so that theme 
developers can provide kate color schemes as well.

There are no hardcoded colors in Kate to my knowledge. If there is, file a bug 
report and I'll fix it.


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