Enhancing the colour schemes [was: Re: sane defaults (security icons)]

Olaf Schmidt ojschmidt at kde.org
Mon Jan 17 12:38:59 GMT 2005

[Max Howell, Montag, 17. January 2005 05:34]
> It is of course important to make this work with all colour schemes,
> but this can be done with a fairly simple contrast check. You can quite
> easily modify the text colour slightly to make it visible.

No, this would not solve the problem. Some people use white text on dark 
backgrounds for a reason: For people with a light allergy, KDE becomes 
unusable if it is not possible to force white text on dark background, 
because large bright areas hurt their eyes, and text within these areas 
is not readable for them.

KDE already has too many hardcoded colours: Almost all key KDE 
applications (Kontact, Kate, Konversation, KSirc, kdm, the kicker clock, 
now even Konqueror) use their own colours by default, and most don't even 
have an option to use the KDE system colours instead. Please let us not 
make this problem greater with every version of KDE, when we should 
instead be removing hardcoded colours from KDE.

I hope that for Qt 4.0 and KDE 4.0, we can change the colour schemes to 
include all colours that are needed within applications, so that we can 
remove most custom colour settings from applications.

For example we could add the following to the colour schemes:
"colour for warning text"
"alternative text colour 1" to "alternative text colour 4" (can be used by 
default in KMail, Kate, Konversation and KSirc)

It would probably make most sense to have this change already in Qt 4, but 
we can of course also do this in KDE otherwise.


KDE Accessibility Project
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