sane defaults (security icons)

Max Howell max.howell at
Sun Jan 16 23:19:04 GMT 2005

Jakub Stachowski wrote:
> In what part of the world yellow means secure? When i think about safety
> color codes, street lights immediately come to mind. And yellow definitely
> is not 'safe' color there. Exactly as in other KDE apps that deal with
> certificates. Where could those users learned about yellow being secure
> anyway?
> Honestly, when i first seen this yellow urlbar after connecting to my
> server i thought that certificate expired or something like that.

Pale yellow is a warm and fluffy colour. You'll find a lot of dining rooms and 
lounge rooms decorated in yellow because it is comforting and feels "safe". 
It is no coincidence that pale yellow has come to mean safe in browsers, ask 
any artist or interior designer.

Green on the other hand is over used so I'd stick with yellow seeing as all 
other browsers also use yellow in this context (well I haven't used safari 
but I expect Apple also picked up on the Yellow vibe)

And just to throw my opinion in the mix, I also want to see the back of the 
toolbar button. The redundancy won't help Konqi's reputation, and also I 
suspect the fact that George has had to expain it n+1 times suggests that 
many people find it bemusing.

Max Howell; MK, UK;

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