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Kurt Pfeifle k1pfeifle at
Fri Jan 14 13:04:09 GMT 2005

On Friday 14 January 2005 12:30, Torsten Rahn wrote:

> Another item that you might want to remove is "print". [....] 
> [....] I'd  guess that just every 15th-35th displayed webpage 
> gets printed at max) it's a rather unimportant feature for 
> webbrowsers. Therefore we might consider to remove it from the 
> toolbar.   

I disagree. 

From my personal habits: I tend to print quite often and regularly
from browsers. (Konqueror still sucks with printing...,  but that is
another topic). So if you remove the button, it will be the first
one I put back on my own setups. --> No damage done.

From what I observe in my own workplace neighbourhood, and on 
customer sites: printing is used by many people quite regularly, too.
So if you remove the button, 99% of users wouldn't know how to put
it back. --> Lots of complaints, for sure.

(One use pattern of browsers -- not used to often by geeks and
developers -- is filling in some form [orders, submissions, inquiries
for quotes, web-gased ERP applications ...] and very often print it
as a receipt. People at work dont just "browse the web" as we are
used to...)

I suggest you do a test with your next credativ customer: remove
the print button for their default setup. If you don't get a request
to re-enable it within 4 weeks of delivery, it is probably OK and
I am wrong with my guessing.


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