sane defaults

Allan Sandfeld Jensen kde at
Fri Jan 14 00:11:29 GMT 2005

On Friday 14 January 2005 00:36, Anders Lund wrote:
> On Friday 14 January 2005 00:51, Frank Karlitschek wrote:
> > Hi,
> [...]
> > - Disable, at least, the "Document Relations Plugin"
> I am about to take over the amintainership of the rellinks plugin. I agree
> that disabling it as the default would probably be nice, as many people
> does not understand what it is. On a side not, I'm working on making the
> toolbar optionally only visible when there are links to display.
We should remove the rellinks plugin entirely from CVS. It is not in a 
release-worthy state and never has been (and never will probably). I like to 
have an implementation of relational links though, but I think it be easier 
and less error-prone to do in normal parsing in KHTML and ask kde-usability 
how an interface could look in Konqueror (_no_ extra toolbar....)

> > - Remove the cut, copy and paste toolbar icons from the webbrowsing
> > profile. - Disable the ToolBarSeparator in Plastik.
> >
I agree. We already have cut, copy and paste in edit menu and as common 
short-cuts. The menu is suffient for naive use and offers discoverablity for 
the short-cuts.


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