[patch] create link to directory (newmenu)

Sébastien Laoût slaout at linux62.org
Wed Jan 12 20:14:17 GMT 2005

Le mer 12/01/2005 à 20:22, Martin Koller a écrit :
> create new->
> * Folder ...
> * Link To Application ...
> * Link to Location ...
> * File >>  
> * Link To Device >>

What about that order:

Create New >
* Folder...
* File >  
* ----------------------
* Link to Location...
* Link to Application...
* Link to Device >

I would group all "Link to..." together (if user want to create a link
to a thing, he just have to scan 3 entries below the separator instead
of searching in the 3 entires mixed with other things).

It would also group "New Folder" and "New File" together, since they
both create new entities on the disk (ie. not links to

And then, "Link to Location..." in first in the "Link to..." group,
since it's the most used one, and it can either be a link to folder or
file (mostly), items that are above it.

The separator? Perhapse unneeded.

My two cents...

About the patch itself, please add mnemonics to the menu items:

Create &New >
* &Folder...
* F&ile >  
* ----------------------
* &Link to Location...
* Link to &Application...
* Link to &Device >


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