accessibility misfeatures

Sébastien Laoût slaout at
Mon Jan 10 21:12:17 GMT 2005

Le lun 10/01/2005 à 20:03, Peter Rockai (mornfall) a écrit :
> > And I don't find it user friendly to have to shut off
> > everything some developer found useful for those that can't turn it off.
> > KPersonalizer is the tool to enable accessibility features - it really
> > shouldn't be default.
> Agreed. Also, following the above logic, they probably also installed their 
> computer, so they can also probably enable what they need (either in 
> kpersonalizer, which sounds as a good idea, or in kcontrol). If someone else 
> installed the computer for them, then she can probably configure it so they 
> can also use it. I swear every time i sit at a windows box at the obnoxious 
> popup. If i'm holding a shift trying to invent a sentence, last thing i need 
> is a beeping popup that distracts me from thinking.

I completly agree too.

I always laughed at friends windows box when they hit Shift for some
seconds and get this annoying popup shown.

I love KDE to don't have all those disturbing dialogs that popups every
few minutes under Windows ('low disk space' very intrusive popups,
'accessibility keys' popup appearing during a game that need Shift key
to be pressed during long time, useless confirmation dialogues in
different apps, 'please clean your desktop' popup, 'your antivirus is on
and protects you' message, 'firewall detected an intrusion and rejected
it' info message...).


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