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The primary reason for using low resolution by default in KPrinter was for compatibility with QPrinter behavior (the idea being that you could replace QPrinter by KPrinter to make the switch). Another reason for using low resolution by default is the print data size: using high resolution can result in very large files (especially on some non-PS printers) that have to be transmitted to the printer, sometimes through a network. So my opinion is that the default should stay with low resolution, but that applications that requires it can simply change it. So you stay on the safe side, and you don't affect other's applications.

OTOH, I introduced \"setUserPrinterResolution\" to overcome the problem of disconnection between the printer resolution and the application resolution; this one could be set to TRUE by default, because in this case, the app will use high resolution only if the printer uses it, which means the printer has been configured so (usually by the user).



QPrinter/KPrinter default to QPrinter::ScreenResolution as the printer mode, 
and KPrinter's setUsePrinterResolution() defaults to false. This leads to 
using relatively low resolution when printing, which is especially visible 
with images.

I'd like to suggest defaulting to setUsePrinterResolution() being true, and 
printer mode being QPrinter::HighResolution. Alternatively (for KDE4 
only :-/ ), removing the default value for the printer mode, so that the app 
developer must choose and will know about this, and having using printer 
resolution as another argument for ctor, or making it another printer mode. 
This alternative would mean apps for KDE3.4 would have to be checked and 
changed manually, like in http://bugs.kde.org/91644 .

Would there be any reasons to default to such low dpi values like 
QPrinter/KPrinter currently do? I can think of images in image viewers being 
printer smaller with higher dpi, but those usually have adjusting the image 
size anyway. Would this also affect e.g. text editors?

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