turning off konq extensions by default

Anders Lund anders at alweb.dk
Sun Jan 9 11:23:01 GMT 2005

On Sunday 09 January 2005 11:48, Scott Wheeler wrote:


> If most people don't you have to seriously consider if, where and how
> something fits into an interface.  In this case I'd say that if the
> overwhelming majority of users aren't using an extension that it should be
> off by default (but not removed).  I'm sure there are corner cases where
> I'd renig on that, but in general I think it's a decent rule of thumb.

Im personally happy as long as I have an option to install and use plugins for 
advanced features.

I think that KDEs monolithic nature is at least partly the problem here, we 
don't offer a way to install 1 single plugin, or a place to find them (so I 
agree with your above opinion on firefox). If downloading and installing 
plugins 1 at a time was possible, the default enabling would be natural, just 
as it is with firefox.
But since distributing KDE in binary form is usually left to distributors, it 
seems to be harder for us to distribute plugins in a way similar to other 
browser vendors.

My main point is that generally usefull features should be immediately visible 
to novice users. Having to advice users to install to get to a common feature 
is unnice. Of cause the fact that plugins are in kdeaddons which some vendors 
split up and others not makes it harder to safely explain how.

I thereby agree that tools that we think should allways be available should be 
in the main module (kdebase/konqueror) rather than in kdeaddons, and that 
there might be a more logical place for some of their menu items than the 
Tools menu.


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