turning off konq extensions by default

Anders Lund anders at alweb.dk
Sat Jan 8 21:19:59 GMT 2005

On Saturday 08 January 2005 20:54, Scott Wheeler wrote:
> Hi folks --
> After finally getting frustrated enough with the Document Relations
> extension to figure out how to turn it off I discovered a funny situation
> with Konqueror extensions at the moment.  Basically most of the extensions
> done for Konqueror tend to reside in KDE packages.  And we turn them all on
> by default.
> This is silly.

My experience with Kate users (and Kate does currently not enable plugins pr 
default) is that they never find them untill someone tells them about them. 
Thus, we have users filing bug reports, writing us or asking on irc for a 
feature that is available as a plugin in kdeaddons. I guess we only get to a 
small minority, most users probably gives in silently.

Therefore I want to find a way to make sure that users are informed about 
plugins even if they disable the tip of the day and never open the 
congifuration dialog or help file.

I think the same will be the case for konqueror. If we have plugins that 
provides a good, commonly used service, they should probably be enabled. Or 
we need some other way of letting the users know that the plugins are there 
and can be enabled...

I went over the konqueror 'configure extensions' dialog, and disabled the 
plugins I don't use: crash monitor and web archiever. The google bar was of 
cause disabled allready (since I use the shortcuts I know and looks in the 
configuration for new ones to tey when i'm bored :p). The rest of the plugins 
are in use here. Of course I'm doing web development and thus using weird 
things like the DOM tree viewer, which 'normal' people wouldn't dream of 
using. But I still think there is a set of very nice functionality that would  
largely remain unused if not enabled pr. default.

Btw., I think actually the google bar should be on pr default, if we wish to 
make konqueror a nice web browsing option for non-geek users.

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