Standard gettext PO format

Nicolas Goutte nicolasg at
Fri Dec 30 12:36:04 GMT 2005

On Friday 30 December 2005 13:12, Chusslove Illich wrote:
> > [: Nicolas Goutte :]
> > May be the Gettext formula of kdelibs.po could be used. That would not
> > need another message but would not allow a free choice like Gettext
> > offers either.
> You mean if we use Gettext, or if we stick to current code with small
> modifications? In first case, I don't know whether it can be done without
> serious tinkering with Gettext internals. In second case, we'd need custom
> plural expression parser.

Well, if we can use Gettext completely, we do not need any hack.

For the second case, I meant more comparing the Gettext formula to a list of 
formulas. That would allow to keep the current code with an index but the PO 
and MO files would be like for Gettext. (That is important, as we cannot 
change the file format in the middle of KDE4, so it must be the definitve 
file format.)

Of course, I would prefer if we can avoid any hack in the released KDE 4(.0) 
but perhaps we cannot do it in one step (as you seem to have problems to do 
it in one step).

> Either way, I'm not too happy. Correct plural header is needed in every
> file any way, for different PO tools to do their job. For PO files in KDE
> repository, check_po_files could keep watch of correct headers.

Sure, that is why I would avoid anything else than a Gettext formula. New 
translators tend to know the Gettext formula from other projects, but the KDE 
plural form code is new to them.

Have a nice day!

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