Standard gettext PO format

Nicolas Goutte nicolasg at
Thu Dec 29 10:45:49 GMT 2005

On Thursday 29 December 2005 10:46, Nicolas Goutte wrote:
> > or just extending the current code based on
> > some prehistoric Gettext version (the stuff in kdecore/libintl.cpp). I've
> > been fiddling a bit with both approaches.
> As noody has maintained that version in KDE (e.g. see the hash

Please read "As nobody..."

> compatibility problem), I suppose that it will not get maintained in future
> either. So I think that a full switching to the Gettext runtime is better

> (even if perhaps, as first step, the run time would be provided still by
> kdelibs).

Anyway, kdelibs of KDE4 will probably need to have a copy of the Gettext 
runtime. Not only is this the habit of Gettext, to use on systems where 
Gettext is not installed. But also we will need a very new version of 
Gettext, which will probably not widely distributed.

But that is still a difference ccompared to KDE3, where you cannot exchange 
the Gettext runtime (well, to be exact theone of glibc) to another more 
modern one (nor to have a chance to use the one provided by the system).


Have a nice day!

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