platform independent kdeinit/klauncher (was KDE4's IPC)

Martijn Klingens klingens at
Wed Dec 28 12:22:18 GMT 2005

David Faure said:
> Well, this is why KDE by default attempts to avoid that, you don't need
> to preach to the choir.

Even then it might be interesting (and complex...) to proactively load the
"most likely" application based on URI and/or file extension. That
application is then hidden until klauncher has confirmed the actual mime
type after which either the window is shown or the app terminates again
and the real application is started.

Right now it's often faster to start Konq and then paste a url instead of
pasting in minicli. Laziness keeps me from doing that, but it is still
kind of annoying to witness.

> But I suspect that on Windows / MacOSX it's more about running
> standalone apps, so this use case of passing an ioslave from an
> app to another is certainly less real on those systems. Well the case of
> konqueror remains though (e.g. embedding PDF part from a link on a web
> page).

That'd be intraprocess, where the same idea (putting a slave on hold and
reactivating it) could still work. Only when launching other apps (e.g.
non-embedded kpdf) this would become an issue, and that is REALLY a corner
case on Windows indeed.


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