Koos Vriezen koos.vriezen at xs4all.nl
Sat Dec 24 14:48:59 GMT 2005

On Friday 23 December 2005 21:29 Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> there is the cost involved in having a multiplicity of APIs, which is why i 
> suppose you are getting with "not ideal". having one API for 
> session<->session IPC and one for session<->system means people have to 
> master more API, which raises the bar further.

If people are given the nice idl compilers, like for DCOP, and the
change would be

  mystub = new RemObjStub (dcopname, "name");
  mystub->doSomething ();
dbus (assuming interface in idl):
  mystub = new RemObjStub (service, path);
  mystub->doSomething ();

I guess that will not put the bar too high, no?


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