Olivier Goffart ogoffart at kde.org
Fri Dec 23 18:17:25 GMT 2005

In my opinion, we *MUST* support DBUS in KDE (and we afaik already does it a 
bit) in order to allow interoperability.

The pototiel of 'standards' DBUS interface is great.
I'm talking here about things like KIMProxy,  that could work with non-KDE 
program as well.
I'm also talking about spec like
(And i think an interface to control multimedia player should be realy nice)

So DBUS should be integrated in KDE nicelly.
It is certenely possible to have the same facilities that dcopidl provides

So i don't see the interest of supporting DCOP (other than compatibility with 
old programs)

For source compatibility, could we have K3DCOPObject and such that use DBUS 
with the old API ?

For compatibility with older app, is it possible to have a kind of gateway 
that goes into the dcop server, and map some wellknown dcop call to their 
respective new dbus call ?

So, in my opinion, new applications should not support dcop at all.
And if old kde applications need to still work, we should develop a bridge.

This is just my opinion anyway.
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