qt-copy and kde4 not compiling

Michael Brade brade at kde.org
Mon Dec 12 14:16:32 GMT 2005

On Monday 12 December 2005 10:08, David Faure wrote:
> Sorry to state the obvious, but... did you check that configure was picking
> up the right version of uic? Did you forget to set the PATH to contain
> $QTDIR/bin?
Of course I did:

scons: Building targets ...
creating kshortcutdialog_advanced.h
/opt/qt-4.1/bin/uic3 -L -nounload -o build/kdeui/kshortcutdialog_advanced.h 
Error: Could not find rules file: q3porting.xml
uic3: property `paletteBackgroundColor' for widget `' of type `KPushButton' is 
not supported
uic3: property `paletteBackgroundColor' for widget `' of type `KPushButton' is 
not supported
/opt/qt-4.1/bin/uic3 -L -nounload -tr tr2i18n -impl 
build/kdeui/kshortcutdialog_advanced.h kdeui/kshortcutdialog_advanced.ui >> 
Error: Could not find rules file: q3porting.xml
/opt/qt-4.1/bin/moc -o build/kdeui/kshortcutdialog_advanced.moc 
compiling build/kdeui/kshortcutdialog_advanced.os
./build/kdeui/kshortcutdialog_advanced.h: In member function 'void 
./build/kdeui/kshortcutdialog_advanced.h:58: error: invalid conversion from 
'QButtonGroup*' to 'int'

I don't know what this q3porting.xml not being found means or causes. I just 
noticed that line. It is in $QTDIR/q3porting.xml.

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