PATCH: kprotocolmanager [new function]

Olivier Goffart ogoffart at
Sun Dec 11 19:05:03 GMT 2005

Le Dimanche 11 Décembre 2005 19:45, Dawit Alemayehu a écrit :
> Hi,
> Any objection with me committing this patch to the 3.5.x branch ? It is
> needed to fix a bug in the proxy config dialog.

This break binary compatibility from 3.5.1 to 3.5.0
I remember a change like that was done in KNotifyClient in KDE 3.1.1
In Kopete, we got some bug report because some binary package of kopete for 
KDE 3.1 was compiled against 3.1.1 , and was crashing on KDE 3.1.0  (Kopete 
was not in kdenetwork at that time)

Anyway, binary compatibility between all the 3.5.x serie is maybe not require.
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