Locations of DBUS bindings, syncronize changes

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at gmx.at
Sat Dec 10 16:07:17 GMT 2005

Hi Harald,

On Saturday 10 December 2005 13:13, Harald Fernengel wrote:

> > Is there some kind of syncronization procedure or is the one on KDE SVN a
> > playground style copy?
> my bad, the official bindings are in the DBUS CVS, I'll merge the changes
> from our SVN copy into DBUS CVS and then remove our version.

Thought something like that was the cause.
I think the version in SVN is identical for most file only the small change by 
John Palmieri in qdbusconnection.cpp has to be included as well.

I started to try backporting the bindings for Qt3, but lots of Qt4 stuff is 
still in comment blocks to allow them to compiler within the dbus checkout :(


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