gcc flags for developers

David Faure faure at kde.org
Fri Dec 9 17:50:51 GMT 2005

On Friday 09 December 2005 18:39, Dirk Mueller wrote:
> On Friday 09 December 2005 13:08, David Faure wrote:
> > Yes, so let's fix the configuration flags first, and then we can fix
> > kdesvn-build accordingly.
> I don't see how fixing the configuration flags has anything to do with -march 
> switches in kdesvn-build. Also, it exports stuff like -Wl,O1 [...]

Come on, you know I was talking about the --enable-debug=full part of kdesvn-buildrc
(as you could see from what I quoted), not about the cxxflags of course. I let Michael Pyne deal with that part.

> > To update my proposal:
> > --enable-debug              would now set -O2 -g -fno-reorder-blocks
> > -fno-schedule-insns -fno-inline --enable-debug=full      would still set
> > -O0 -g3 for the worse case of a hard-to-debug problem (e.g. macros etc.),
> Well, we need a distributor compliant flag as well, because distributors want 
> DWARF2 debug info but no speed penality (debug information is stripped from 
> the files and packaged into -debuginfo subpackages). Therefore changing 
> --enable-debug to -fno-inline -fno-reorder-blocks has a serious performance 
> penality. 

So that would be a --enable-debug=distributors (distribution?) setting, hmm, "-O2 -g" ?
(only backtraces matter, not step-by-step debugging there, so no -g3 needed).

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