Fwd: [kde] Possible GPL violation by Armorware inc

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at gmx.at
Fri Dec 9 15:54:30 GMT 2005


this just came in on the main user mailinglist.
Not sure if core-devel is the right place to forward this to. Please send it 
on if it isn't.

Looks like a nice product, might be worth a look for the marketing guys.

I have asked the sender if the licence information in the about dialogs is 
still intact. Could be a misunderstanding.


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Subject: [kde] Possible GPL violation by Armorware inc
Date: Friday 09 December 2005 00:07
From: hubbelyo <hubbelyo at yahoo.com>
To: kde at mail.kde.org


Just wanted to let you know about a company called
"Armorware" which is selling a bootable CD called
"Armorware Core v1.4.1" for "only" $485.

They present this as a revolutionary and ingenious new
product without any references or credits to KDE or
such. However, looking in the manual it is obvious
that this is KDE (plus more).

I've also tried to ask them about if the source is
available (if you purchase the product as required by
the GPL) without receiving any answer.

Homepage: http://www.armorware.net
Manual  :
Buy page: http://www.armorware.net/ATCI/buy.html

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