Nicolas Goutte nicolasg at
Wed Dec 7 19:11:13 GMT 2005

On Wednesday 07 December 2005 20:02, Thiago Macieira wrote:
> Nicolas Goutte wrote:
> >Probably a too huge diff, crashing the post-commit hook.
> That was true of the Qt update commit, but I doubt Michael's kio fix
> crashed the hook with too huge a diff. He touched two files only.

So the hook has even more problems than known.

> I have two outstanding issues to fix in the hook:
> 1) reduce the memory usage. It's loading the entire diff 3 times into
> memory right now [O(n)], but in theory I can reduce it to a fixed size,
> around 30k [O(1)]. Memory usage will still be O(n) to the number of
> files, though
> 2) move the calculation of the base path to after the diff parsing, so as
> to "rehabilitate" the svk commits.

> The third issue (the improper parsing of properties) will require a full
> rewrite of the hook to one using the SVN API instead of running svnlook.
> As you can probably see, I'm not too keen on doing that. (especially
> since that would be in Python, a language I'm not too familiar with)

I really do not think that parsing correctly properties is the major priority 
right now.

> >(A volunteer is still needed to fix or at least an idea how to convert
> > the license check. All this is in
> > trunk/KDE/kde-common/sbn/hooks/ for documentation, look
> > at Subversions' book in the SVN documentqation.)
> What conversion are you talking about?

The idea is to read the svnlook file by using a
while( <DIFF> )
like it is already done for the pre-commit hook.

The problem is that the license check cannot be done line by line, as the 
wrapping is at different places for different files.

Have a nice day!

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