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Wed Dec 7 19:02:02 GMT 2005

Nicolas Goutte wrote:
>Probably a too huge diff, crashing the post-commit hook.

That was true of the Qt update commit, but I doubt Michael's kio fix 
crashed the hook with too huge a diff. He touched two files only.

I have two outstanding issues to fix in the hook:
1) reduce the memory usage. It's loading the entire diff 3 times into 
memory right now [O(n)], but in theory I can reduce it to a fixed size, 
around 30k [O(1)]. Memory usage will still be O(n) to the number of 
files, though

2) move the calculation of the base path to after the diff parsing, so as 
to "rehabilitate" the svk commits.

The third issue (the improper parsing of properties) will require a full 
rewrite of the hook to one using the SVN API instead of running svnlook. 
As you can probably see, I'm not too keen on doing that. (especially 
since that would be in Python, a language I'm not too familiar with)

>(A volunteer is still needed to fix or at least an idea how to convert
> the license check. All this is in
> trunk/KDE/kde-common/sbn/hooks/ for documentation, look
> at Subversions' book in the SVN documentqation.)

What conversion are you talking about?

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