Redefining kdelibs and kdebase

Maks Orlovich mo85 at
Sat Aug 27 14:52:43 BST 2005

> The idea is to run the file dialog, print dialog, etc. out of process.
> 'Our' implementation of the file dialog can reside in KDE workspace and all
> that is in KDE framework is an interface to launch the dialog. On Unix
> under KDE it could just do a dbus call to kded and fire up the
> out-of-process file dialog. When running the KDE app under GNOME it could
> use the same dbus interface to fire up the GNOME dialog. Under Windows it'd
> do it like Qt: Use the windows dialog.

You're forgetting that apps can and do customize the file dialog a bit.
They do that with the the print dialog even more so --- see e.g. html-specific 
settings, syntax highlighting settings in kate, etc. And, IMHO, it would be 
awful if we lost functionality for /our/ platform to support ports to non-KDE 


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