compile error in 3.5 with Samba 3.0.20

Martin Koller m.koller at
Sat Aug 27 12:00:09 BST 2005

It seems that the interface for smbc_init() has changed in Samba 3.0.20 :-(
It has no longer the flags argument.

Can anybody with knowledge add a configure check to this ?

kio_smb_auth.cpp: In member function `bool SMBSlave::auth_initialize_smbc()':
/usr/local/samba/include/libsmbclient.h:622: error: too many arguments to 
function `int smbc_init(void (*)(const char*, const char*, char*, int, char*, 
int, char*, int), int)'
kio_smb_auth.cpp:169: error: at this point in file

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