Kanagram now in kdereview

Anne-Marie Mahfouf annemarie.mahfouf at free.fr
Tue Aug 23 19:01:13 BST 2005


> Now, KDEEdu has a coordinator, so I think the decision is actually up to
> her.

Surely not.

The aim of kdereview is the prog to be reviewed by you all, core people. Not 
to be blessed by annma.

I see my role of coordinator more as a bridge between the rest of KDE 
regarding informations and new stuff going. Not as a decision taker regarding 
one app. 

Also I am just back from a long holiday and I did not test Kanagram 
extensively. Kanagram as I tested it has still a few bugs and lacks some 
finish regarding the fonts, i18n, KNewStuff, tooltips in GUI as some 
icons/commands don't seem so intuitive to me. Dunno what the timeframe is and 
if it is possible to fix all that in time.


PS: <disclaimer, don't assassinate me>My personnal opinion about new progs is 
to have complete and detailed handbook, tooltips and QWhatsThis help in GUI 
and a look by usability people.
Also this kind of program is not a standard KDE program so if it was all up to 
me, i'd like it to be tried by more core people and to hear their opinions.

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