KDE 4 will sound cool

Artemio artemio at kdemail.net
Wed Aug 17 20:29:53 BST 2005

My dear KDE friends,

I am here to tell you about my sonic plans for KDE 4.

First thing is that I am finalising my ideas for the sound theme specification 
- it will be very simple and I think anyone who works in KDE will be able to 
implement it within a day.

But most importantly, I am starting to work under new sounds which aim to be 
the default sound theme for KDE4. In theory, I will come up with at least two 
sound themes code-named "Kalaxy" and "System K". Kalaxy will be a more 
generic sound theme (suggested for default), but with a hi-tech feel and 
fresh sound. System K will be a more "edgy" theme with slightly harsher 
electro sounds.

Now I have a much more powerful sonic arsenal to work with, so I guarantee 
that the new themes will be much more interesting than the current KDE which 
is nice anyway of course ;-)).

Also, I aim at writing a new startup/logout jingles for KDE 3.5.

With best wishes,

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