Final list of participants / Instructions

Adeodato Simó asp16 at
Thu Aug 18 00:23:21 BST 2005

* Daniel Molkentin [Thu, 18 Aug 2005 00:05:45 +0200]:

> Hello fellow friends of the magic number mumbling,

Hello, thanks taking care of organizing the KSP.

> Brief instructions:
> ===============

> (1) Print the above file to paper ("a2ps -2 -f7 -B ksp-akademy05.txt" is 
> optimal and fits it on three pages)
> (2) Compute this file's MD5 checksum and optionally also its SHA1 checksum.
>    gpg --print-md md5 ksp-akademy05.txt   (or use md5sum)
>    (Hint: 0D D8 2F 9B B4 B6 C5 A5 ...)
>    gpg --print-md sha1 ksp-akademy05.txt  (or use sha1sum)
>    (Hint: 16E0 BE3C CE63 9B42 8EB1 ...)
> (3) fill in the hash values on the printout.
> (4) Bring the printout, a pen, and proof of identity to the keysigning party 
> (and be on time!).

  And, well, as explained in the provided link, but just making it a bit
  more visible:

    * before the event, either now at home or once there, check that the
      fingerprint of your key in the provided list is correct, and
      scream if it's not. During the event, you will be required to say
      the equivalent of "Yes, I've verified that the fingerprint of my
      key is OK in the list, and the md5sum of the list I checked
      against matches the one that was read aloud here today".

> [1]

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