Final list of participants / Instructions

Daniel Molkentin molkentin at
Wed Aug 17 23:05:45 BST 2005

Hello fellow friends of the magic number mumbling,

this is the mail everyone seems to be looking for. The final list of 
participants for the aKademy 2005 keysigning party can be found at .

=> Please do only use this document and only in its final version (1.0)!

Brief instructions:

(1) Print the above file to paper ("a2ps -2 -f7 -B ksp-akademy05.txt" is 
optimal and fits it on three pages)
(2) Compute this file's MD5 checksum and optionally also its SHA1 checksum.
   gpg --print-md md5 ksp-akademy05.txt   (or use md5sum)
   (Hint: 0D D8 2F 9B B4 B6 C5 A5 ...)
   gpg --print-md sha1 ksp-akademy05.txt  (or use sha1sum)
   (Hint: 16E0 BE3C CE63 9B42 8EB1 ...)
(3) fill in the hash values on the printout.
(4) Bring the printout, a pen, and proof of identity to the keysigning party 
(and be on time!).


Q: Is this gpg thing mandatory for participating in akademy:

A: Despite popular belief: No, it is not. This is purely optional, but good 
especially if you are doing official or organisational things for KDE (i.e. 
do things that require trust and responsiblity), because a signed key enables 
you to send trusted signed mails. This ensures that the mails send with your 
email address are really from you). Plus you can encrypt important mails or
sign software source packages or RPMs.

Q: What if I missed the deadline? Can I still register?

A: No, sorry, I can't put you on the list. But you can still join in. Just 
print the follow above instructions to sign everyone else. During the party, 
you can then distribute paper stripes with the output of

gpg --fingerprint <YOURKEYID>

(duplicate this multiple times in kate and print two pages on one, then apply   
your scissors of choice.)

Q: How/When/Where is the party going to happen?

A: The keysigning will be conducted on August 28th, 2005, 16:30 in Room 3.0.2
using the efficient keysigning method [1].

Q: I have more questions...

A: Just ask by hitting "reply".



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