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Sun Aug 14 05:36:30 BST 2005

Just because its not in the outline doesn't mean I wont cover it.  It's a
brief outline curious people requested.

And I will be addressing that issue.



> On Friday 12 August 2005 08:00 am, seele at wrote:
>> - User's needs and wants
>>   * Easy access to frequently used applications and documents
>>   * Protection from information overload
>>   * Easily maintained, protection from getting too big and out
>>     of control
>>   * A way to explore and learn, but not be overwhelmed
>>   * Something that adapts to their habits and usage patterns
> You missed one. It isn't surprising though, since many WinXP users don't
> even know it exists. But that doesn't mean it isn't important:
> * Items and locations that remain fixed
> To many people, myself included, menus that constantly change are very
> annoying. Moving items about or hiding them is not necessarily a good
> thing, even if Bill Gates says otherwise. My eyes and mousing hand
> "learn" where the items are, so when they move or disappear, it slows
> me down considerably.
> In the rush to implement pervasive adaptability, pause to remember that
> the one of the biggest factors in usability is "familiarity". Can you
> imagine trying to get to work every morning when each night the road
> crews come out and move all the streets around?
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