Menu Reorganization Part II: Development/, Editors/, Toys/

Heinrich Wendel h_wendel at
Sun Aug 14 20:25:14 BST 2005

Stephan Binner wrote:
> Hello,

> my intentions for the next step of evil plan to clean up KDE 3.5 menu:
>  - Move toplevel Toys/ into Games/
>  - Move toplevel Editors/ into Utilities/
>  - Within Development/ create two new sub-categories for
>       Translation/
>          Translation Tool Catalog Manager
>          Translation Tool Dictionary
>          Translation Tool (KBabel)
>       Web Development/
>          HTML Image Editor (KImageMapEditor)
>          Link Checker (KLinkStatus)
>          Web Development Environment (Quanta Plus)
>          XSLT Debugger (KXSLDbg)
>     Leave the rest directly under Development/ for now.
> Any comments?

I propose to structure the whole KMenu in a two level way.

We should take a look at the big distirbutions, e.g. SUSE or Mandrake, they 
all have a sane structure. I once did a two level structure for gentoo[1]. So 
why not adopt one of them, or at least take suggestions from them?

> Bye,
>    Steve
mfg, heinrich


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