Proposal: Virtual Folders with IOSlaves and Their Usage

Kuba Ober kuba at
Fri Aug 12 13:57:23 BST 2005

> I think ( at least for me ), the most important types of datas are
> Pictures, Musics, Movies and Documents. And i'm organizing my directory

Being nitpicky, does the word music have a plural form?

> Suppose KDE has 4 IOSlaves for these types ( like pictures:/, musics:/,
> documents:/, movies:/ ) and Konqueror has ability to set any folder's
> metadata as a destination of these IOSlaves.
> Scenario is something like this; With konqueror select a folder, right
> click on it, select "mark this folder for Musics files", then select
> another and select "mark this for a Pictures files". So user can
> associate a folders with an IOslave.
> Comments please?

I like the idea. That allows the user the ultimate flexibility in choosing 
what goes where, while allowing sane defaults to be put into /etc/skel and so 

Duly commenting, Kuba :)

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