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Friedrich W. H. Kossebau Friedrich.W.H at kossebau.de
Thu Aug 11 19:22:27 BST 2005

Am Donnerstag, 11. August 2005 19:36, schrieb Michael Nottebrock:
> On Thursday, 11. August 2005 11:37, Torsten Rahn wrote:
> > Sorry, but I feel that the measures you are suggesting if followed
> > thoroughly will hurt one of KDE's most successful projects.
> I'm really not meaning to troll here, but: How exactly has it been
> successful, and how do you measure its success?
> I've just written a few days ago that my perception of kdeedu (and
> kdegames) is the complete opposite of yours - that it does NOT give KDE
> much of a competitive edge,

Not among admins, perhaps, but there are children, too. Its' those little 
devils^Whuman beings that hang around in kindergartens and make a lot of 
Still: Why not use KTuberling to create your avatar or login face? But then 
admins might prefer the southpark style... ;)

> but binds a lot of developer resources. 

Hu? Noone is forced to work on it! Except the packagers, okay. But then they 
have to package a lot of other stuff they don't use, too.

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