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Carsten Niehaus cniehaus at kde.org
Thu Aug 11 13:53:33 BST 2005

On Thursday, 11. August 2005 02:37 pm, Matthias Welwarsky wrote:
> > > Well, I also don't think that size is a problem here, but I do think
> > > that the EDU project, too, should think about factoring out some of
> > > the applications in separate entities, to allow for an extragear-like
> > > packaging.

Well, Kalzium and KStars are of course more like scientific applications. 
Furthermore, they are both pretty big (even though KStars is by far the 
I wouldn't mind to much to move Kalzium to extragear/science. 
On the one hand, if Kalzium would be independent, it might be that more 
distros install it on default as they wouldn't need to install all of kdeedu. 
On the other hand it is good for Kalzium to be in kdeedu as it (I think) is 
getting more attention this way.

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