[RFC] "Documents Folder" icon in "system:/"

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Thu Aug 11 02:59:59 BST 2005

Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> On Wednesday 10 August 2005 12:50, James Richard Tyrer wrote:
>> 1.  According to what I got from Google:
>> http://www.kellys-korner-xp.com/win_xp_mydocs.htm
>> << By default, the target or actual location of the My Documents 
>> folder is C :\Documents and Settings\ user name \My Documents, 
>> where C is the drive in which Windows is installed ... .
>> This clearly indicates that you are mistaken.  This corresponds 
>> exactly to what I am suggesting:
>> /home/<user_name>/Files
> $HOME == My Documents. what you are suggesting would be the windows 
> equivalent of "C :\Documents and Settings\ user name \My Documents\My
>  Documents" ..



I will try this one more time:

Windows XP default:

	C :\Documents and Settings\user name\My Documents

JRT suggestion:



1.    "/home" is equivalent to: "\Documents and Settings"
2.    "/<user_name>" is equivalent to: "\user name"

3.    "/Files" is equivalent to: "\My Documents"

Which of these do you not understand?  That #2 is really hard to figure 
out. :-)  I said that I was suggesting that "Files" was a better name 
than "My Documents" but you can use "My Documents" instead of "Files" 
for the example if that makes it easier to figure out.


Perhaps there is a language barrier here. :-D

>> I don't have Windows XP so I can't check to see that it is correct.
>> 2.  Everything put in the HOME folder is NOT hidden.
>> For example: CrossOver Office adds: "cxoffice", KDE adds "Desktop"
> Desktop makes sense since those are user visible items that they 
> specifically place in that location. i don't know what's in cxoffice,
>  but if it's not something the user interacts with it's broken.

It has nothing to do with the user interacting with it.  The application 
is installed with a prefix of: $HOME/cxoffice.  So that is where the 
directory is -- just the same as if you had built the app from source 
with that prefix.

> the longer we work around these bugs in the handful of programs that 
> have them, the longer we will have a $HOME that is misused.

There is NO bug here.  If you install an application with a prefix of 
"$HOME" or "$HOME/<app_name>" you are going to have files in HOME.  This 
is not a bug, this is the way installation for only one user account works.

> we fixed kmail in 3.4. that took a lot of effort and discussion, but 
> it got done. so it can happen.

I'm not sure that that was correct or necessary.  Mozilla stuff hides 
the Mail directory, but there are times when the user might want to find 
it -- for backup for example.


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