Replacement for KFax

Wilfried Huss Wilfried.Huss at
Tue Aug 9 13:27:38 BST 2005


I know this is a little late for KDE 3.5, but would it be ok to remove
KFax. KViewShell (also in the kdegraphics module) has now the
ability to open FAX-files, and I think it would be a good replacement.

KFax is probably unmaintained and it is quite crashprone.
It also has a horrible user interface.

If kfax is removed, I could create a wrapper executable around kviewshell, so
for the users not much would change. KViewShell doesn't support the
same command line options as KFax, but I doubt many people use them.

Here are some screenshots of a relatively uptodate KViewShell:

The screenshots show only DVI and DjVu files, but the interface is the same
anyway. Just search and textselection does not work for fax files, obviously.


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