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Mon Aug 8 21:27:40 BST 2005

On 8/8/05, Michael Nottebrock <lofi at> wrote:
> I'm also of the (very much subjective, admittedly) opinion that kdegames and
> kdeedu are probably eating away a good deal of developer resources
> (especially in the translation, documentation and art department) while they
> don't add much to KDE as a whole - and that they are disproportionally large.
> Sure, they make KDE the leading desktop environment when it comes to the
> number of games and educational software included by default, but I'm not
> convinced that KDE gains terribly much of an advantage over its competitors
> through that.
None (or at least, very, very few) of these people are getting paid
for the work they do, they do it because they want to -- I don't think
you're proposing to pay them to do something else. I mean, it might be
fun and all to pretend "if I were $DEITY with telepathic
mind-controlling powers, I would force these people to do X more
useful things instead", but you can't seriously be thinking like that.

I agree for the most part with your other points/ideas, though I admit
to never having packaged an application (whether source or binary), so
I don't know how people doing that would be affected... but otherwise,
it's a fact that a great many distributions package KDE's applications
in the same monolithic svn modules / tarballs they came in (whether
because they are lazy, it is difficult to split them out, or both),
and that this does not contribute positively to KDE's image. Whether
it's worth it to try and fix that problem 'upstream', I'm not the
person to judge.

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