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Matthias Welwarsky matze at
Mon Aug 8 18:56:37 BST 2005

On Monday 08 August 2005 18:34, Andras Mantia wrote:
> On Monday 08 August 2005 18:06, Matthias Welwarsky wrote:
> > If applications are less important or immature they should not be
> > shipped by default. Just release them separately.
> That's not a real solution for the "less important" applications.

Depends on how you define "less important".

> Releasing together with KDE means much more than "my app is inside KDE
> by default". It also gives you some infrastructure and things you don't
> need to care about like the release management and package creation.

Yes. It's pure developer convenience. So for whom do we make KDE now, again?

> And of course which is not so important for 80% of the users might be
> very important for the rest.

That's why KDE is usually perceived as being "cluttered". Really, we need to 
find a better criterium for "releasing an application with KDE" than just "it 
might be useful for a few users".

Excuse my rant but this is the same bullshit argument that's repeated over and 
over again every time someone speaks of cleaning KDE up. Next I'll hear that 
we just provide the source and packaging is a distributor task and that svn 
modules don't have anything to do with packaging and yadda yadda.

Listen, I have the result of that right here on my suse desktop - and suse is 
still somewhat the most mature KDE implementation in a distribution, or 
what's even more important, it's one of the most-deployed KDE 
implementations. And I still have to install all of kdeutils, with irkick, 
kdessh, kdf, kfloppy, kgpg and kwikdisk (my PC doesn't even have a floppy, 
let alone an IR receiver!) when all I want is ark and kcalc!

At this point you usually get flamed over your choice of linux distribution: 
"Why don't you use kubuntu, gentoo, debian, <something>, suse is such a crap 
anyway". I don't want to switch distributions just to have a sane KDE 
installation. Requiring a user to switch to another distribution is a 
disservice. So just don't blame the distributors that they frack up KDE, 
because if we don't give them the tools and the proper hints and just drop 
the tarballs onto their feet we deserve no better. Hey, it's _our_ users we 
should take better care of!

From the 'Handbook of Corporate Slang':

- to protect prior investment (phrase):
    describes the inability to revert a wrong decision made
    in the past, expresses willingness of throwing 
    good money after bad. (q.v. Fiorina, C.)

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