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Matthias Welwarsky matze at
Mon Aug 8 16:44:30 BST 2005

On Monday 08 August 2005 17:16, C├ędric Pasteur wrote:
> Let me clarify everything.
> Yes, KFormDesigner is shipped with Kexi. But no, it's not a companion to
> Kexi, because Kexi can't import forms you've created there (and I don't
> really see the interest since you can edit db forms inside kexi).

OK, I see. Thanks for clarifying that, but in that case the misleading 
documents on the web should be updated accordingly. I searched for 
information about KFormDesigner and what I learned from here ...

... is that "KFormDesigner is the form plugin in Kexi". Probably others were 
mislead by this, too, and by the fact that it's installed with Kexi, so 
that's why it ended up in the Office category.

> Furthermore, as it's said there
>, "KFormDesigner is meant
> to be Qt Designer replacement for KDE."  And yes, it is also for 'typical
> users' who want to create .ui files (for example to create little programs
> with scripts) in the sense that it tries to be more user-friendly and
> simple than Qt Designer and to hide some stuff related to Qt API.

> So KFormDesigner should go into Development menu, or simply not in the menu
> if you consider it's still too beta (and remember it was first meant to be
> only a test app for kexi form lib).

If it's a replacement for Qt Designer the of course it should go into 
"Development". But I suggest that you disband Kexi and KFormDesigner in the 
first place. Whether it's mature enough to be shipped - I cannot comment on 
this since I don't use it, but I don't really like that applications sneak 
into a release just because they happen to be in a certain module for 
convenience reasons.


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