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> On Sunday 07 August 2005 23:15, Cédric Pasteur wrote:
> > Hi,
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> > As KFormDesigner creator, I disagree with the position you've chosen for 
> > in the menu. So far, KFD is very similar to Qt Designer. It only allows to
> > create .ui files, so it is only used by developers, and has nothing to do
> > with 'Office'.
> > Consequently, KFD should go into Development menu, just as Qt Designer,
> > where it should always have been (i've not changed it yet only because I'm
> > too lazy).
> I disagree. I assume that it's a companion program to Kexi, a visual editor 
> create data display and input forms. I refer to the FAQ: 'KFormDesigner is 
> also for "typical" user'. So it must go where Kexi goes. If it cannot be 
> in the intended way it should not be shipped by default, or you should at 
> least not install a user-visible menu entry. Putting it into the 
> "Development" menu as an excuse for it being incomplete is not the right 
> regards,
>         matthias
Let me clarify everything.
Yes, KFormDesigner is shipped with Kexi. But no, it's not a companion to Kexi, 
because Kexi can't import forms you've created there (and I don't really see 
the interest since you can edit db forms inside kexi).
Furthermore, as it's said there, "KFormDesigner is meant 
to be Qt Designer replacement for KDE."  And yes, it is also for 'typical 
users' who want to create .ui files (for example to create little programs 
with scripts) in the sense that it tries to be more user-friendly and simple 
than Qt Designer and to hide some stuff related to Qt API.

So KFormDesigner should go into Development menu, or simply not in the menu if 
you consider it's still too beta (and remember it was first meant to be only 
a test app for kexi form lib). 
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