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Matthias Welwarsky matze at
Mon Aug 8 16:06:56 BST 2005

On Sunday 07 August 2005 20:08, Stephan Binner wrote:
> Hello,
> KDE releases include too many and non-important, or duplicate, or not best-
> of-its-kind applications. Maybe we can have a BOF at Akademy about criteria
> what to ship and how in KDE 4. Now only about changing menu layout of 3.5:
> I want to introduce a "More Applications/" sub-menu to the KOffice/ menu
> which will contain the less important/mature KOffice applications:

If applications are less important or immature they should not be shipped by 
default. Just release them separately. However, if someone actually wants to 
have them installed, they should be available in the default menu hierarchy. 
No need then to make the user go through an additional menu level.

As an intermediate step for 3.5 it is OK, I think.

> Office/
>   Office Suite (KOffice Workspace)
>   Personal Information Manager (Kontact)
>   --------------------------------------------------------
>   Word Processing (KWord)
>   Spreadsheets (KSpread)
>   Slide Presentations (KPresenter)
>   Address Manager (KAddressbook)
>   Database Creator (Kexi)
>   Flowchart & Diagram Editing (Kivio)
>   Painting and Image Edition Application (Krita)
>   Personal Organizer (KOrganizer)
>   More Applications/
>     Chart (KChart)
>     Form Designer (KFormDesigner)
>     Formula Editor (KFormula)
>     Related Words (KThesaurus)
>     Report Generator (Kugar)
>     Report Template (Kugar Designer)
>     Scalable Graphics (Karbon 14)
> And I plan to clean up the complete mess under the menu item "Utilities/"
> by creating sub-categories like we have for "Edutainment/" and "Games/"
> already:
>   Form Designer (KFormDesigner)     -> Office/More Applications
>   Link Checker (KLinkStatus)        -> Internet/More Applications
>   Online Dictionary (KDict)         -> Internet/More Applications
> Utilities/
>   Accessibility/
>     Automatic Mouse Click (KMouseTool)
>     Speech Synthesizer Frondend (KMouth)
>     Text-to-Speech Frontend (KSayIt)
>     Text-to-Speed Manager (kttsmgr)
>   Desktop/
>     Clipboard Tool (Klipper)
Clipboard Manager?

>     Desktop Pager (KPager)
>     Desktop Widgets (SuperKaramba)

Can we have a different name for SuperKaramba? I don't know what "Desktop 
Widgets" are supposed to be.

>     Popup Notes (KNotes)
>     Scientific Calculator (KCalc)
>     Useful Tips (KTip)
>   File/
>     Archiving Tool (Ark)
>     Binary Editor (KHexEdit)
>     PalmDOC Converter (KPalmDOC)

"PalmDOC Converter" would better fit into Office.

>     Search & Replace Tool (KFileReplace)
>   Misc/
>     Character Selector (KCharSelect)
>     Countdown Launcher (KTimer)
>     Font Viewer (KFontView)
>     Regular Expression Editor (KRegExpEditor)

The Misc category is a little inconsistent. Can we have "More Applications" 
here, too?

>   Peripherals/
>     Fax Utility (Kdeprintfax)
>     KDE LIRC Server (IRKick)

I don't understand "KDE LIRC Server" (or IRKick). Can we have a better name 
here, too?

>     Print Jobs (KJobViewer)
>     Floppy Formater (KFloppy)
>     Mobile Phone Tool (Kandy)
>     PalmPilot Tool (KPilot)
>   PIM/
>     Encryption Tool (KGpg)
>     Note Taker (KJots)
>     Personal Alarm Scheduler (KAlarm)
>     Personal Time Tracker (KArm)
>     Signature Editor (KSig)
>     Synchronization (MultiSynk)
>     TNEF File Viewer (KTNef)
> Any comments?

It would be nice to have a smarter threshold for introducing subcategories. 
For example, if one subcategory only holds two or three entries and the 
parent menu is nearly empty, it does not seem to make sense to introduce an 
additional menu level. See the attached snapshot.png as an example. Both 
xpenguin entries could well live in the parent menu without cluttering it.

Also, I wonder what could be done to avoid what happened to my 
"System"->"Monitor" (snapshot2.png), I cannot find anything but not 
installing so many entries there. That's probably not a KDE but a SUSE 
problem anyway :-)

> Bye,
>    Steve

From the 'Handbook of Corporate Slang':

- to protect prior investment (phrase):
    describes the inability to revert a wrong decision made
    in the past, expresses willingness of throwing 
    good money after bad. (q.v. Fiorina, C.)
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