Ongoing question: Where is kdevelop4 port?

Barış Metin baris at
Thu Aug 4 06:27:46 BST 2005


On Thursday 04 August 2005 07:58, Harald Fernengel wrote:
>    - neither of us had time to clean it up
>    - not sure how to integrate with svn to keep history
> The last point is the crucial one. We just copied KDevelop into our own
> svn, since the bandwith was so limited. Now we must weave back our changes,
> preferably without losing history (which is important for copyright and svn
> annotate).

Maybe using 'svnadmin dump' and 'svndumpfilter' can help. Than you can provide 
a dump of your repository to KDE svn maintainers to 'svnadmin load'.

svnadmin dump your_internal_repository/ -rFROM:TO > dump
svndumpfilter include /path/prefix/ < dump > kdevelop4_dump

I'm not sure if this solution can be usable in your situation, but it did the 
job for me with a similar case before.

best regards,
Barış Metin
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