Migrating Qt Crytpographic Architecture to KDE CVS

Jason Keirstead jason at keirstead.org
Thu Sep 30 15:56:48 BST 2004

> The most important reasons for 
> putting the code in TCPSlaveBase directly were:
> 1) it was the only potential user at that time, and it needed to be
> transparent
> 2) there were issues with where dialogs come from, synchronization, etc.

For those who don't want to bother, the gist of it is that KSSL is in kdecore, 
and you can't put the code that calls to the UI server to create the dialogs 
in kdecore, because then kdecore would depend on kdeui.

Personally, I think there is something wrong with the way kdelibs is 
tructured. The KDE network classes (and there a lot of them now) shouldn't be 
in kdecore at all. Many KDE apps have no need network connectivity at all and 
this is just extra baggage. There should be a seperate kdenetwork library 
that depends on kdecore, and kio can depend on kdenetwork. The SSL stuff can 
go in here.

Even if you did this though. that would still mean that kdenetwork would need 
kdeui for the certificate dialogs. No idea how to resolve this dependancy.

There are two major products that came out of Berkeley: LSD and UNIX.
We do not believe this to be a coincidence.  ~Jeremy S. Anderson

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